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Collecting Tip
Enjoy the hobby - tip from

Frequently Asked Question
Should I be into trading cards as a hobby, an investment, or both?
The trading card industry has all types. Some collect purely for the joy and hobby of it. They collect the entire set, their favorite players, or their favorite teams. Others speculate purely on the monetary value potential of cards and how to most effectively sell their cards. Others do a little bit of everything- they enjoy collecting and holding onto some of their cards while moving others that they donít think they want, that they can make money off of, or that someone else would enjoy more. Choose your own path, but if you collect for the pure enjoyment of it, then you are less likely to be disappointed if the value of your favorite player goes down, because you chose to collect the player because you liked him/her in the first place and not how much his/her cards were worth.

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Great cards thanks!

Glossary Term
Bordered design - These designs have a white or other colored border around the card. This separates the photo and design from the edge of the card.

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