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Collecting Tip
Come to the shows early and stay late. If you see a card you must have and the dealer is sticking to his price, wait him out. Come back to his or her table at closing time and maybe you can pick it up cheap. If not, you probably will be able to find some other cards cheap! Dealers hate packing their cards back up and taking 'em home. - tip from

Frequently Asked Question
What is a decoy card?
Unfortunately, there are sometimes aspects of the trading card industry that make it seem far from being a hobby for kids. Considering that some cards randomly inserted into packs are very rare or contain highly desirable elements on them (like Game Worn Jerseys or Authentic Autographs), there are some people out there who want to cheat the system and guarantee that the packs they purchase have such cards in their packs.

These people conduct what is known as pack searching. They feel the contents of packs through the foil wrapper, use scales to weigh the packs for the slightest weight disparities, and use a number of dishonest tricks to cheat unknowing collectors and consumers by unfairly taking away the chances of finding the highly sought after cards.

While the methods of cheaters are constantly changing with the times, the trading card manufacturers must now resort to adding decoy cards into packs that trick the dishonest from searching packs, as either every pack or several packs within the box contain a card that feels like it could be a special card worth searching a pack for.

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Glossary Term
Embossing - This technology process adds a raised texture to trading cards to make the cards seem more 3-D.

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