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Collecting Tip
Always try to bargain down the dealer. Just because the dealer is asking $10.00 doesn't mean he or she won't take $8.00 or less. - tip from

Frequently Asked Question
Different pricing for card boxes
I saw a box in my local retail store for $29.99, why is my local shop charging me over $60 for the same box?

Before you think that your local shop owner is trying to give you a raw deal, please make sure that you are sure everything being offered within both boxes is the same. Manufacturers create many different box sizes with varying numbers of packs and contents within the same product line for different customer needs. That box for $29.99 likely has fewer packs and less value content within it. Donít be afraid to ask your local shop dealer questions about the products and points of differentiation between the boxes. Most likely, they are not trying to give you a bad deal.

Customer Testimonial
Super fast shipment and EZ transaction. Thanks.

Glossary Term
Die Cutting - The process of cutting away a portion of one side or multiple sides of a trading card. Die cuts are sometimes made into unique shapes or to fit within a theme of a particular set.

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