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Collecting Tip
Rookie cards. Say no more. But a bunch of Michael Wiley rookie cards or someone at his level. Don't waste your money on the top notch rookies coming out, there cards are already over priced. Get a second tier rookie, remember, Joe Montana was a 4th round draft pick! - tip from

Frequently Asked Question
What are short print cards?
Any time a card or group of cards are not run with the frequency of a majority of the cards found within a pack-out for a product, then it is a short printed card.

Sometimes, short prints are not planned by the company and are due to production errors, however on most occasions, short printed cards are inserted at more infrequent intervals than the regular cards with a purpose. Collectors love the challenge of finding cards that are more rare. For some, the more rare, the better.

There are two types of planned short print cards: subsets, which are numbered a part of the regular set, and inserts, which are generally higher technology cards of only the best and brightest stars in the game. (Please see sections What are subset cards? and What are insert cards? for more information).

Short printed cards, like subsets and inserts, are generally announced on product packaging with an insertion ratio attached to it or with sequential crash numbering (See What is crash numbering? section). Basically, these cards are more rare than others in the set and they are thus considered "short" or short printed.

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Glossary Term
Swatch - Generally used to describe a piece of game used memorabilia pieces that have been cut out of the original item (such as a jersey) and then used on a trading card.

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