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Trading Tip
Don't jump to conclusions.
Sometimes cards get lost in the mail. Human error can't stop it. If your cards don't show up, it doesn't necessarily mean you've been ripped off. Contact the person you traded with to see if they had any delays in shipping. Quite often there is a reasonable explanation.

A couple years back I sent some cards that never arrived. The person I was trading with, a repeat trader I might add, started threatening to press charges and blackballing my name on all kinds of trading boards. I offered to return his cards, no questions asked. I also suggested he picked a new batch of cards. I even emailed every single person I had traded with in the past that I still had email addresses for to see if I mistakenly sent them the cards. After several more daily threats, he picked another batch of cards worth $43, the exact value of the original deal. When I sent the cards I included a note apologizing for the inconvenience. It was nobody's fault, just a post office mix up. I just felt it was best to be polite. Ten days later he sent me a message saying he got the cards and that I wasn't a thief after all. The damage was done. Name-calling and threats are impossible to take back. - tip from

Frequently Asked Question
What are parallel sets?
Any time the general card design and photo of a player is re-used with a significant shift in technology on the front, the set is known as a parallel set. This means that it parallels or mirrors the look of the regular set, but it is being enhanced. Parallel sets are generally done through various printing technology, different paper stock, additional layers of foil or other items that make the cards look more rich.

These cards can also be crash numbered (Please see What is Crash Numbering? section) to add even more value for collectors.

Customer Testimonial
Great transaction, good packaging, very fasy

Glossary Term
Crash numbering (also known as sequential numbering) - Adding numbering to a card front or back to make known the actual print run of a particular set. Cards are numbered in order up to a certain number either by foil stamp, ink jet printing, or by hand using a pen. For example the first card in the run could be "1/100," which would mean it is #1 of 100 total. The second card in the run would then be "2/100." The third card would be "3/100," and the numbering would continue up to "100/100."

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