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Collecting Tip
Stay away from HOT inserts. Unless you pull these cards from a wax pack, don't deal with them! Inserts are great, I love them! Buy dozens of wax packs and pull as many as you can but don't go to a show and shell out big bucks for them, NO NO! - tip from

Frequently Asked Question
What is an e|card?
Unique to Upper Deck is the e|card. e|card is a sports trading card with a virtual twist. Each one features a unique serial number that empowers the card with greater collectibility.

Collectors are given an online portfolio where they may enter that unique serial number from their cards in order to create a digital collection of them. You may build up as many cards as you like in your digital portfolio. As you enter them, they will also appear in thumbnail version at the bottom of the screen for you to scroll through quickly.

When scrolling through your collection you may, at any time, select one of your cards to see a full size version in the middle of the screen. As a bonus, there is a possibility of that card "e|volving" into an upgraded card. Simply choose one of your cards and click on the "e|Volve" button to see if your card evolves into an upgraded card.

If it does not evolve into an upgraded card, it will evolve into a bonus image of the athlete. The card will remain in your digital online portfolio and the possibility of future upgrades remains

e|cards may evolve into, among other things, an autograph card, a game-used jersey card, or an autographed game-used jersey card, depending on the series. When a card evolves into an upgraded card, a new window will open and the collector simply fills out their information and the upgraded card will be mailed promptly to their address!

Customer Testimonial
No problems here, would recommend

Glossary Term
Bordered design - These designs have a white or other colored border around the card. This separates the photo and design from the edge of the card.

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