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Trading Tip
Mail securely.
Putting a card in a penny sleeve and throwing it in a floppy envelope is not secure. You might laugh, but it's happened to me more than once. Needless to say, that was the last time I traded with them. On the other extreme, don't wrap cards so tightly in tape that they can't be accessed without damaging. You should leave some breathing room to let the cards out. You common sense when you send card. You don't need to wrap two common cards in a refrigerator box to make sure they arrive safely. For a couple of cards I put them in a top loader with a piece of Scotch tape across the top so they don't get out. I also fold a small tab on the edge of the tape so that it peels off easily.

Many people have different methods, which is great. Just make sure when you're getting cards ready to go that they're secure and stiff. If the trade involves some more valuable cards, bubble mailers and insurance is recommended. - tip from

Frequently Asked Question
How do I know that the piece is authentic?
Here at Upper Deck, we have a strict policy in purchasing game used equipment. Our sources for purchasing these items will either be directly from the player, directly from the team or from secondary market vendor that has a reputation for having authentic game used equipment. Each game used item that we purchase from these sources comes with a Certificate of Authenticity to ensure 100% authenticity for that item.

Most items used are game worn, while some are from practice or from league sponsored photo shoots. The authentication copy printed on the back of the card should indicate the nature of the item used on the front.

Customer Testimonial
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Glossary Term
Swatch - Generally used to describe a piece of game used memorabilia pieces that have been cut out of the original item (such as a jersey) and then used on a trading card.

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