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To browse the football card inventory just click on the first letter of the players first name. You can then browse throught the football trading cards in the inventory.

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Football Card Collecting Tip

Buy vintage football cards, especially those cards in NM shape and get them graded by PSA, BGS, SGC, or USA. A common vintage card can sell for $20.00 or more if it is graded a PSA 7. I have seen many top quality football cards out there still ungraded that could easily fetch a 7 and you could probably pick it up for next to nothing.

Frequently Asked Question

Are football cards counterfeited? How do I know if the football card is real?
An unfortunate aspect of the trading card industry is when some try to make a quick buck by cheating the system. This is especially true when it comes to printing of counterfeit football cards that closely resemble the real cards. Where there is a will to make money, even if it is illegal, then there is a way.

Printing technology today has allowed some bad apples to produce fake cards that deplete the confidence of the entire industry. The fear of getting ripped off by a fake card and the growth of on-line card trading, have made the concept of card grading much more popular.

The Upper Deck Company was founded on the principle that cards will have a trademarked security hologram printed on the back to prevent counterfeiting. Other card companies have followed suit over the years and created different ways of guaranteeing that their cards are authentic, as it is extremely important to the authenticity of high value insert cards such as autographs and game used cards.

Still, there are fake football cards still being produced and distributed out there today, so before you make a big purchase, have an industry expert like your trusted local hobby store owner or a paid grading service analyze the football card for you. The extra time and money you put into it may save you in the long run.

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Glossary term for football cards

Swatch - Generally used to describe a piece of game used memorabilia pieces that have been cut out of the original item (such as a jersey) and then used on a trading card.

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