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Football Cards

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Click here to go to our online store and start finding the football cards you want!
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Collecting Tip
Keep your cards in the best condition possible by using card sleeves, holders and cases - tip from

Frequently Asked Question
What is crash numbering on trading cards?
As a general rule, collectors want what they can’t get (within reason of course). The more rare and limited a card or set of cards, then the more valuable and cherished it can be to collectors. When a card has sequential crash numbering placed on it by the manufacturer, then it indicates that the card is limited to the amount “crash numbered” by machine in foil or ink onto the card.

Crash numbering is done in sequence to a group or set of cards in which each individual card has it’s own number. For example, the first card would be crash numbered “1 / 100.” The second card would then be crash numbered "2 / 100," and so on up to the number 100. Many collectors appreciate knowing exactly how many cards were produced of a set and what number they have of that set.

As a collecting tip, look for crash numbered cards that are significant in the player’s career (like jersey number, career home runs hit, etc.) or numbers that are also coveted by collectors (like the first or last card of the run).

Crash numbering of some highly collectible autographed cards (usually cards numbered to very low quantities or to the player’s jersey number) can also be done by hand with a pen. This is also sometimes true when replacement cards are returned by the customer service departments of trading card manufacturers to collectors, who send in damaged versions of cards originally crash numbered by machine.

Customer Testimonial
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Glossary Term
Insert ratio - These numbers are associated with cards that are not commonly available within the packs of cards. The ratio indicates what the odds are of finding such a card within packs. This is generally communicated on the packaging of a product with a ratio after a specific name, such as “Top Hitters 1:24,” which would indicate that the subset or insert set called Top Hitters is short printed (vs. the rest of the set) and will fall at an approximate ratio of 1 in every 24 packs. Sometimes, just the total number of cards produced for a specific short printed card is announced, as these cards are generally sequentially numbered and no approximate ratios are available at that time.

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