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Football Cards

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Click here to go to our online store and start finding the football cards you want!
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Collecting Tip
Last but not least, never pay book price, NEVER! Always pay less, ALWAYS! - tip from

Frequently Asked Question
What is card grading?
Card grading has been a phenomenon over the last few years. An unbiased company grades the card based on the condition of the card. This allows the owner and prospective owners of the card to get a third partyís opinion of the card. This would prevent any debate over the condition of the card. There are many grading companies in the market but the more recognizable Grading companies include PSA and SGC.

Some of the Upper Deck releases offer graded cards within the boxes, while the majority of our releases only have raw cards (i.e. Non-graded cards).

The majority of cards submitted for grading are Rookie cards. The higher grade the card receives, the higher value the card will receive in the market. However, the values of the graded cards are dictated by the population report of the graded cards. Typical of a supply and demand market, the fewer of the higher values a given card has received, the higher value the card will command on the market. Prices of the graded cards could be found in publications such as Sports Market Report, and online auction sites such as Ebay.

Most collectors grade the card with the hopes of receiving a high grade, thus increasing the value of the card. Graded cards are great to have a third partyís opinion to help enhance the sale of the cards. In most cases, if collectors are content with the card, and plan on keeping it (especially if you are storing the card in a 9-pocket sheet), then there isnít a need for the card to be graded.

Customer Testimonial
received in good time and condition, thanks!

Glossary Term
Crash numbering (also known as sequential numbering) - Adding numbering to a card front or back to make known the actual print run of a particular set. Cards are numbered in order up to a certain number either by foil stamp, ink jet printing, or by hand using a pen. For example the first card in the run could be "1/100," which would mean it is #1 of 100 total. The second card in the run would then be "2/100." The third card would be "3/100," and the numbering would continue up to "100/100."

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